Going Cold Turkey

It's been too long since I've posted anything here. To be honest, there was a period that I was suffering the detested "writer's block" and that eventually turned into laziness. I'm hoping that phase is now behind me. Anyway, that's not the point of this post. The real topic here is that I'm going cold turkey starting today with one of my biggest addictions – Facebook.

That's right, I've deactivated my Facebook account as of this morning. There are many reasons I've decided to log off (hopefully not to return anytime soon, if ever again), but it basically boiled down to reclaiming some freedom. Facebook has a way of taking over. Like any addiction, it doesn't happen all at once.

At first, Facebook was a great way of staying in touch with friends and family throughout the world. Then over time it evolved. It grew new limbs, started getting larger, found it had power over others, and morphed into a social experiment that shows the worst of being social.

I wish I was like a lot of people I know. These people are able to simply overlook the horrible and focus on the good. They ignore the racists asshole trolling people who are speaking up (cause it doesn't involve them), they overlook the news reports of our country being destroyed (either cause they are too scared or simply do not care), and/or they simply don't think that having a voice does anything (which shame on you). These people are not necessarily bad, I'm just not one of them.

I feel the need to speak up for every injustice I see. I'm not afraid to speak my mind or my truth. This alone has alienated me from some so-called "friends." I'm okay with that. I don't need a lot of friends. In fact, if you know me, really know me, you know that typically I have a very small group of people I'm close with. But because of Facebook over the last few years, I've pushed more and more people away.

I don't blame the site obviously, but I've become aware of its impact on me. I started to think about life before FB and I realized a few things. Before FB, I was actually more social in person. Because I couldn't send messages or see what someone was up to everyday, it created a will and want for me to hang out and catch up with them. This went away with FB. Before FB, while I've always been an angry person, I was at least hopeful of the world we live in. FB shows all the worst of humanity and makes it hard to hope.

Now if you've been on FB for any amount of time over the last two years, you should understand that someone who can't turn an eye, who isn't afraid to call people out, and who may not love humans a lot to begin with would struggle to breathe on the social giant. I found myself too many times arguing with people who would never change my mind, or I their's. I tried to ignore these situations but I can't. I don't have the will power too.

This is what FB has been for me for over two years. It's taken too much of a toll and I'm done. I've signed out and deactivated my account. I expect, like an addict, to have difficulties with this. I'm sure I will go through withdrawals and possibly even relapse. However, I'm determined to remember what life was like before, and find some hope again.


Author: jbright

James was born and raised in Southern Colorado. He holds a BA in English with a creative writing minor from CSU-Pueblo. After obtaining his BA, James took a position as an adjunct instructor of English at Rostov State University in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Besides the yearlong teaching stint in the “Motherland,” James spent time doing what most English majors do - working retail. After a few years of retail sales experience, he was able to move into corporate training. During his time in sales and training, he earned an MBA from Keller Graduate School. His background in English and Business has afforded him the opportunity to try many different pursuits. However, writing has always been a passion of his. Now he is sharing his thoughts and writings with the world at large!

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