Humanity’s Ignorance 

Things aren’t great in the world right now.   Trump is in office (I still don’t understand how the fuck that happened), terrorists are attacking innocent people the wold over, Chechnya is openly telling its citizens to kill gays, and social media is sucking out the rest of the little remaining souls we had.  No matter how you look at it, things don’t look good.  People are turning on each other.  We are moving more and more back into segregated segments within society.  We can’t even stay housed in categories like liberal or conservative anymore cause the alt-left is attacking progressives who are attacking middle-of-the-roaders, and god knows what the tea baggers….err…tea partiers are thinking anymore!!!   It’s a mess.  Everyone seems to hate everyone.

That’s fucking depressing.  But it’s true.  It isn’t anything new.  Humanity has always been like this.  There has always been people who do good, people who do nothing, and people who do bad.   Terrorist are not new.  We just call them something different now.  No one called Hitler a terrorist but shouldn’t he be like the poster child?   Isn’t an act of a terrorist to terrorize?  So wouldn’t James Holmes fall under that category?   How about the KKK?  Or what about the Christian Church during the crusades?

What I’m saying is, today it’s IsIs.  Ten years ago it was Osama Bin Laden.  Twenty years ago it was Saddam Hussain.   Before him Hitler.   Before him the settlers of the United States (cause let’s not act like our ancestors are so innocent).  It goes on and on.  People are both good and evil.  It’s not one group of people.  It’s all of us.  It’s bread into us.  We are just animals struggling to learn what century we are in.  What distinguishes us from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to communicate with one another, but how much of our real thoughts to do we communicate?  I have horrible thoughts all the time.  I don’t act on them.  But they are there.  And I bet you have those thoughts too.  What separates the good from the bad is being able to see where that hatred comes from.  Facing it head on.  And adapting yourself to the understanding that you’re just an animal who has been taught to be ignorant of your own capabilities…

So what I ask is before you go blaming one group of individuals for all the bad and horrible things in the world, stop and admit your own bad thoughts, feelings, and capabilities.   Distinguish yourself from all the horrible evil people in the world.  It may help you understanding that just because someone looks like or believes in the same shit as someone else who is doing evil deeds doesn’t mean they all are.